New Strains of White Flies in South Florida Spreading Fast!

week 4  March_ White Flies

New Strains of White Flies in South Florida Spreading Fast!

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Did You Know? The whitefly ingests plant juice, causes fungal disease that kills the plant and leaves its eggs in a spiraling pattern on the leaves, just like a white thumbprint. When the eggs hatch, the flies drop sticky goo as well as a black sooty looking mold on whatever is around: sidewalks, cars, boats or decks. The rate at which the infestation is spreading is cause for concern to South Floridians.

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Bed Bugs Driving You Crazy?

week 3 March_ Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs Driving You Crazy?Tried Everything? Need Immediate & Permanent RELIEF?Did You Know? Florida is experiencing an EPIDEMIC of bed bugs this year due to the influx of tourists fleeing the harsh, northern winter. Bed bugs in pillows, clothes, suitcases and other items are coming into South Florida. Call The Amazon Man! Stop Those Bugs For Good!
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