Termite Concerns for Florida Homeowners – Protect Your Investment

The purchase of a home is one of the largest investments a person will make in their lives. Many people like the balmy climate in Florida and therefore make a home purchase to live out their lives in this state. Unfortunately, Florida is one of the favorite areas for termites of all types.

Eastern subterranean termites populate Florida as well as many other states on the eastern coastline and the southern coastline. This type of termite usually swarms in the spring, although smaller swarms can occur in the summer. The swarming conditions are prime after a warm rain shower when the soil temperature is about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Eastern subterranean termites are the most destructive pests to fir and timber of all types used in building homes. They eat out the soft centers of wood and leave a thin layer of wood on the exterior, causing structures to collapse if not caught in time.


The Formosan subterranean termite also resides in Florida and other coastal regions. Nests can contain thousands of termites which cause major structural damage to homes as well as to several types of growing trees. They do not discriminate whether the wood is processed or still growing. Power poles are also consumed by these termites. These pests swarm in high humidity after a rain from dusk to midnight and are attracted to outdoor lighting.

Powderpost drywood termites inhabit west coastal states from Virginia to Florida. This type of termite not only destroys the structure of your home, but is equally happy when eating away at your wood furniture inside your home. They actually colonize and live in the same area that they are eating on.

Florida dampwood termites are localized in Florida along the coast of the state and the Florida Keys in subtropical locations, mangrove forests and in urban settings. These termites swarm over the course of several months at dusk or during the night.

South Florida termites cause millions of dollars in damage to homes in Florida, but they can quickly be taken care of if discovered through a termite inspection. Contacting a south Florida pest control company for a termite inspection can save you literally thousands of dollars that you would spend to eliminate the pests and the costs of rebuilding your home from the ground upward. Termite inspectors also examine your home for other wood eating pests, such as powder post beetles, old wood borers and wood fungi that can all destroy your timbers. In an area that is such a great established termite zone, it just makes sense to have an annual termite inspection on your property.


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Beware Homeowner! New Hybrid Termite in South Florida

If you own a home in South Florida, you have to be concerned about recent news reports that two different and newly introduced South Florida Termite species are breeding in the region. The species, the Asian (Coptotermes gestroi), and the Formosan (Coptotermes formosanus) have the potential when they breed together to cause serious property damage all across the South Florida region. According to researchers, the interbreeding among these two species has cause an estimated $40 billion worth of damage worldwide. One way to deal with this South Florida termite problem would be through immediate engagement of South Florida Pest Control companies to begin their termite eradication services early in the game.

Worrisome Facts on these new termite species

According to researchers, the Asian termite came from the tropical areas in Southeast Asia. On the other hand, the Formosan termite evolved from a separate environment, and has separately bred for hundreds of thousands of years. Eventually when the human factor is added, such as movement from place to place,these two species came in contact with one another in places like Taiwan and in Hawaii, and now -South Florida.

Two species have been observed mating in South Florida

Researchers have observed the two South Florida termite species mating. Heightened concerns have arisen over the breeding of a new hybrid termite offspring. The main concerns of researchers include the possibility that the hybrid offspring may tolerate and thrive in much warmer temperatures.

Territorial implication for the new Hybrid termite

When one considers the fact that the parent species of this new hybrid termite were bred and germane to tropical warm and hot areas of the world, this development has the tendency to cover wide territorial regions. The implications for this could mean that a new hybrid termite offspring in South Florida could eventually spread and survive in areas stretching from North Carolina to as far south as Brazil.

The need for greater termite control services in South Florida

This new development has drawn homeowner’s attention to the need of engaging South Florida Pest Control service providers. This is the best measure to deal with the grave danger posed by south Florida termites. Everyone that owns a home should be warned about the potential, posed by the spreading of the new hybrid South Florida Termites, which has the potential to really cause serious property damage to homes all across the south Florida region.

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