Attention: Property Managers and Homeowners Associations
Whether you manage a high-rise condominium complex, townhouses, exclusive luxury homes or villa communities, property management means meeting your owners/tenants needs. This includes residential and commercial pest control and the blight that we in South Florida know only too well – termites.  Nothing will destroy a property manager’s name and income potential faster than not being able to prevent or restore a Community suffering from pest/termite infestation.
You need to have a company at your fingertips that offers:
Let’s face it, anyone who has bed bugs, termites or other rodents and pests, needs to have their issue resolved in the shortest time possible.
Superior pest control service helps you maintain your positive reputation and X Terminator Pest Control specializes in servicing the needs of homeowners in association communities rapidly & effectively, thus keeping pests out and Owners happy!

We at X Terminator Pest Control, firmly believe that educating property managers, Board Members and their Owner/Tenant communities is an essential part of maintaining a pest-free environment. We work closely with property management companies to provide:

**Timely Reporting
**Same day service for emergency issues
**Monthly pest and lawn spraying performed on specific days
**Annual Termite programs with set costs to fit any Association’s budget
**Coordination of in-home inspections to fit owner/tenant schedules
X Terminator Pest Control offers competitive, affordable rates and easy, flexible scheduling in order to assist easy management of Homeowners Associations and improve property appearance and quality with excellent:**Lawn Care
**Ficus and Gumbo Lindo Whitefly Spraying
**Indoor and Outdoor spraying for bugs, rodents and other pests
**No-Tenting solutions for termite prevention & resolutionWe also offer:

  • Educational information for owners
  • Easy ways to prevent pests & preserve their properties
  • Eco-friendly products with environmentally sensitive materials
  • Consultation for old and new construction and the best products to use
  • How to maintain properties close to the Intercoastal and salt water
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