Visible signs of bugs or rodents affect your business’s reputation.  X Terminator Pest Control will help you protect that reputation by assessing your needs and partnering with you to provide optimal pest control on a weekly, monthly or annual basis.

X Terminator Pest Control serves a myriad of industries, from office complexes to industrial parks to restaurants.  Our professional staff offers a customized solution for each client’s unique needs.  We strive to eliminate pest and rodent problems by:

*Preventing food contamination’s
*Preventing damage to  your property or inventory
*maintaining a pest-free environment for your clients and staff

Because south Florida is a haven for pests, it is sometimes necessary to apply pesticides on both residential and commercial properties in order fully control pests. X Terminator Pest Control uses the latest EPA-approved products and materials when treating cracks, crevices and voids on commercial properties.  As with residential  properties, a thorough perimeter treatment is also essential to controlling where pests live, breathe and originate from at commercial structures.

As a rule, commercial and Industrial properties generally require more frequent interior pest control service than do private homes.  At X Terminator Pest Control we tailor our approach to the specific needs of the various types of businesses we service. We offer a specific program for our commercial properties called IPM (Integrated Pest Management). This program strives to eliminate or reduce conditions in the environment that are conducive to pest activity in and around a structure.

IPM may consist of advising on: proper sanitation and storage practices, caulking and sealing cracks and voids, correcting excess moisture problems, and trimming away vegetation from the building to name a few examples. As part of IPM, the use of devices and traps for monitoring helps the technician identify the types of pests encountered at a commercial structure which then determines the appropriate treatment strategy.

For more information or a free evaluation of your commercial building or property please call or e-mail X Terminator Pest Control today.