Fall Brings Bugs! Quick Tips to Stay Pest Free & Enjoy the Cool Outdoors!

Cooler temperatures and lower humidity makes fall in Florida more comfortable for everyone – including bugs. Spiders, mosquitoes and other pests are year round problems here, and the cooler weather doesn’t bring any relief. How can you enjoy your yard and home without risking a spider bite or encountering annoying pests? These tips will help you stay bug free this fall:

bug1Lawn and Grass Pests – Sod Web Worms and Cinch bugs thrive in the Bermuda and St. Augustine grasses used by many homeowners; these nasty critters can cause significant damage to the lawn itself, leaving behind ugly, dry brown patches. The best way to combat these lawn killers is identification – once you know those bald, brown patches are from these pests, and a professional exterminator can take care of them for you. Look for small black cinch bugs with wings on your grass – and check for the brown, grass killing Sod Web Worm larvae as well. Either of these pests can destroy your hard work if they are not stopped by a pro.

Spiders – Florida is home to a legion of spiders, and while most will just make you squirm, a few are dangerous or even deadly to humans and pets. Nothing squashes the fun of a fall meal outdoors than an uninvited 8 legged dinner guest. Black Widows and Brown Recluse spiders pose the greatest risk to humans, and the best way to cope with them is to spot them quickly. Avoid large piles of clutter or overgrowth and you’ll deny these spiders a place to hide. Handle firewood or lawn debris with care, there could be spiders lurking inside. Learn to identify Black Widow spiders (they have a red hourglass shape prominently displayed on their back) and avoid them.

Garden Pests – As the fall gardening season winds down, remove all leftover debris and till the soil to get the garden ready for next year. You’ll not only get a head start on the next growing season, you’ll eliminate nesting spots for insects and pests, too. Put all yard trimmings and clippings promptly in a compost bin or discard them; leaving them in place just creates a home for bugs of all types.

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Making your home less insect friendly can help discourage the critters and prevent them from taking up residence in your yard. By promptly treating the lawn when you spot insect damage, you can prevent a total infestation and protect your landscape, too. If you are struggling with bugs, call the Amazon Man today to guarantee a Bug-Free backyard all winter long.

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