Why You Need to Know if You Have Termites

South Florida is known to be a habitat for quite a number of termite species; this is because of the tropical climate that favors termites’ proliferation. Termites are mostly referred to as ‘silent destroyers’ for they may turn your home into their habitat for quite a long time without your knowledge.

Dampwood, Subterranean, Conehead and Drywood Termites are the different species found in South Florida. These termites cause damage to homes. Conversely, subterranean South Florida termite damage homes, unlike their counterparts.

Termite control exists secretively and lives within furnishings in the home.

termite1In summers and springs, nearly all of the termites’ species create fresh colonies. It is at this stage that you can easily detect termite infestation.

In case, your home is infested, you will come across numerous termite wings on the windowsills and at the verandah, down the security lights.

Subterranean termites build their mud tube-like channels for movement thus leaving behind a tale of their activity. This is mostly on the walls of the home or homely wooden structures.

Drywood termites impinge on furniture. They create small open spaces on the furniture to release their fecal pellets. When you notice open small holes on your furniture, please probe the areas to ascertain either their presence or absence.

There is the danger of the new hybrid Asian Formosan termite in Southern Florida, which is very active.

For safety, always ensure that tree stumps are removed from the courtyard, fill the cracks on the walls to minimize any opportunity that termites might size to build up their paths and also fix the leaking pipes that are within the homes to ensure that termites do not get favorable conditions for them to thrive in.

Remember, it advisable to call the Amazon Man to have an inspection done and put your fears to rest!