Your home, as you know, is the biggest investment you’ll ever make.  Termites, ants, rodents and other pests do more than devalue your property: they spread disease and threaten the health of your family.

X Terminator Pest Control is committed to protecting what is most important to you.  So, when something is “bugging” you, call us!  Our experienced team offers prompt service and the flexibility of scheduling  your pest control, whether on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.

First, we must define the factors which limit the reproduction and survival potential of each pest, such as removing the food, water and shelter of pests. This by itself has a major impact on controlling pest populations. When we combine this with appropriate chemical control measures,  we make a longer lasting, more significant impact.
That’s where X Terminator Pest Control’s knowledge, training, and years of experience help identify and administer the appropriate actions to maximize pest control.

We offer an inside pest control program for our clients that require more frequent inside service. Generally, commercial accounts and condominiums fall into this category, although X Terminator Pest Control also services residential accounts on a regular basis if the customer so desires. .

We refer to this method as our “traditional” service, as all accounts were originally serviced this way. The past decade, however, has revealed a more recent trend in pest control, known as the  perimeter treatment method. By keeping pesticides primarily outside the home, pest management professionals can target insects at their source. This, of course, is far more convenient for our customers, who do not have to be at home when this service, known as Protect-A-Guard, is performed.  This is the primary service we recommend to most homeowners because of the added benefits.

Performed on a yearly basis, Protect-A-Guard was designed to control the numerous varieties of insects that invade our homes. X Terminator Pest Control conducts an initial interior treatment, followed by quarterly exterior perimeter treatments. The purpose of these barrier treatments is to help protect the interior from a pest invasion.  X Terminator Pest Control uses a power sprayer to apply a 7 to 10 foot barrier around the perimeter of the structure, including treatment at the base of trees and shrubs, mulch, rocks, and any other pest harbor-age areas. This application is extremely important to achieve effective control.  Windows, doors, eaves and all other points of entry are also treated with a small applicator.  Accessible spider webs and wasp nests are swept down and the nesting areas treated.  We perform this service on a quarterly basis, following the initial interior service.

Protect-A-Guard Advantages
This premium service has 3 main advantages over other types of services:

* Effectiveness. Insects are treated directly at their source, which is on the perimeter of the home or building.
* Safety. Since the pesticides are applied to the outside rather than the inside during our quarterly visits, customers are not harmed by the spray. .
* Convenience. Customers do not have to be at home when the treatments are applied, thus allowing greater flexibility in scheduling the treatments.

Protect-A-Guard is fully guaranteed. X Terminator Pest Control will return any time throughout the year, should any problems occur. problems and to achieve effective control.