Lawn Care

A Note to Homeowners

Watering and mowing practices will have a direct impact on the condition of any lawn. A lawn will become more susceptible to weeds, insects and disease if it is not watered properly. X Terminator Pest Control’s professional service technicians will advise customers as to the proper watering, mowing, and fertilizing practices for their lawn. Additionally, the techs will leave a door-hanger after each treatment, detailing what service was performed that day.  Should the customer notice a problem in the lawn in between our regularly scheduled visits, we will gladly return for a free re-treatment.

X Terminator Pest Control offers different types of services to customers who desire a green, healthy, insect-free lawn.  Our technicians are trained to recognize most lawn conditions common to South Florida, and thus are qualified to recommend the appropriate plan of treatment..

The TLP (Total Lawn Program) is an all inclusive lawn treatment program that includes protection against harmful insects and diseases of the lawn, as well as fertilization and broad-leaf weed control. We schedule six visits throughout the year in which our technicians perform a thorough inspection of the lawn.  A determination is then made as to what treatment or application should be made to ensure a healthier, greener lawn.

Insecticide treatment for harmful insects such as chinch bugs, army-worms, sod-web worms, and fire ants may be performed if deemed necessary. A fungicide application will be done if a fungus condition exists. Throughout the year, a liquid fertilization may be applied when the turf is in need of additional nutrients. For customers whose main concern is fire ants, at least once a year a granular insecticide will be broadcast over the entire lawn. If a TLP customer desires flea or tick control it can be added, which will then require spraying additional areas on the exterior, such as sandy areas, the base of shrubs, and up on trees. Granular fertilization and herbicide application will be performed in cooler months to feed the lawn and help in the control of broad-leaf weeds.

For customers who simply want their lawn treated for harmful insects and fungus, we offer The General Lawn Program. As with the Total Lawn Package,  we are on schedule to service the lawn every other month, six times a year.  A power sprayer is used to apply an insecticide to the lawn for control of chinch bugs, army-worms, sod web worms, and fire ants. If a customer has a pet which needs to be treated for fleas or ticks, we will perform this service as well. Our service technicians will also be looking for fungus conditions such as brown patch or gray leaf spot. If a condition like this exists, a fungicide will be applied.