Is ZIKA Really That Serious?

Average Americans tend to view pest control in the context of mundane life, such as preventing insects or unwanted animals from taking up residence in their homes or lawns. While this is a legitimate and important aspect of pest control, it’s not the only reason why Amazon Termite & Pest Control is in business. Recent headlines from every major news source will tell you there’s much more to be concerned about than just the value and comfort of our homes. Regular and consistent pest control can make a real difference in the health of your family, community and even future generations.Pest Control and the Ziki Virus
As reported recently by USA Today, the World Health Organization has declared the outbreak of the Ziki virus “a public health emergency of international concern.” What exactly is this virus and how is that related to pest control? Symptoms of the virus range from no or few symptoms to a mild flu. The real concern, however, is how the virus affects the unborn children of pregnant victims. Outbreak countries report many cases of serious and sometimes fatal birth defects linked to the virus.

Found in 25+ countries, including Mexico and the Caribbean, the Ziki virus spreads through mosquitoes. So far, the few known cases of this virus in the US are related to citizens having recently traveled to the outbreak countries, but officials say there is a low likelihood of spreading via contact with those infected.

Mosquito Control Equals Disease Prevention
The primary way to spread the virus is through mosquitoes, and the US government is concerned enough to allocate funds to address it. Their intervention plan includes controlling mosquito populations near the outbreaks as well as in the United States.

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